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Whose Bad News?

This week I thought it might be a good idea to list all the good things around us, so as ...
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Exprience Matters

When I first meet with business owners they will often challenge me, by telling me that I know nothing about ...
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Two Steps Forward

One of the biggest problems I find as a coach is getting the business owners to let go. This is ...
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Falling Numbers

Something which seems to be a fairly common theme at the moment is that a number of the networking groups ...
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Green Shoots

To follow on from last week, I thought I would have a more detailed look at my clients results over ...
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Doom Mongers

Should we believe all we hear and see on the news, or should we ignore it, and rely on our ...
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A New Focus

A belated “Happy New Year” to one and all. I hope you all had a good break over Christmas, and ...
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A New Regime

In the past I have likened business coaching to sports coaching, whereby the coach helps the person they are coaching ...
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The Art of Delegation

I was recently talking with a business owner who had made changes in his business which had meant that one ...
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