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Dry Season

Do you ever get to a stage where you begin to get short of leads, and the pipeline is looking ...
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Active Questionning

I am reading a very interesting book at the moment called “Triggers” by Marshall Goldsmith. Not a western novel as ...
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Missing Targets

What is the point of setting targets if you don’t hold people accountable to achieving them? I put this to ...
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Moving Forwards

One of my clients was up for a “Business Person of the Year” award last week. He had made it ...
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Not just for Christmas

I have a wide range of clients, in many different business sectors, different sizes, and at different stages of development ...
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Meaningful Change

From time to time I have cause to rethink exactly what coaching is all about and invariably it is a ...
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Life Through the Lens

I know in the past I have commented on the importance of living in “the now”, and I believe that ...
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In the Cauldron

What a disappointment on Saturday evening! No doubt there will be any amount of analysis and recriminations over the coming ...
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Auction Day

Earlier this week I took a day off to go to an auction in London. My mother had wanted to ...
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