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Happy Holidays.

So the holiday season is upon us and after a tough year or so, there is no doubt we all ...
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Change Requires Self Understanding

When I started out with business coaching, I still had a lot of self development to face up to. Understanding ...
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What kind of leadership is best for a team?

Having recently watched the shambles, which some might kindly describe as the England football team, it made me reflect on ...
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One Bad Apple.

One thing I often find when I start working with a new business, is that there is invariably at least ...
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Making the most of your time.

A few years ago when I first started out as a business coach, my time keeping was awful, and it ...
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The Power of Thought

No doubt some, if not many of those who read this will be aware of the book and DVD “The ...
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Confronting Your Fears

Fear of anything can have a hugely limiting effect on people. Fear is generally a reaction to the unknown, the ...
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Time for Change

I think a lot of people avoid change for a number of reasons. The most obvious ones are: 1. That ...
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Making changes for the better.

Making any change for most people is a difficult thing. Even if you are not really happy with the way ...
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