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We meet to discuss the business in detail, assess your personal goals, and then align your business goals to achieve this.



Having identified the areas to be worked on in the business, we teach you how to get things under control.



We ensure you fully understand your training and are able to carry out the necessary actions to make things happen.



We coach you to spend time working on the key issues to change your business and create one that works without you.

Want to Improve your Business and Your Life?

At Business Life Ltd we work with business owners to help them create a balance between their business commitments and their family life. All too often we meet business owners struggling to find time. They become essential to the business in every aspect, and find that it becomes almost impossible to have any break without the telephone constantly ringing.

Through a combination of consultancy, training and ongoing support, the three key elements of business coaching, we help business owners to create an enterprise that can work without them, so they have something to keep as a passive income, or as a highly desirable asset to sell.

I have worked with Chris on and off for about four years now and I can honestly say that his input has made a very positive difference to my business and my enjoyment of it.

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