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12th October 2017

I recently met a business owner who was a classic case with regards to time management, and finding that there is a limit to how much one person can do.

He has grown a successful, profitable business, but has now reached a point at which unless he takes a step back and gets more controls in place, it could all come crashing down around his ears.

When he started, as with most owners, he found that life was quite good, and he was time rich, on account of only having a few customers. He could spend time with his family and go on holiday with them, and he enjoyed all that. However, as things have expanded he now finds he is out of the door early in the day, doing the practical work all day long till 5 or 6 pm, and then going on to do visits and quotes for a further hour or more.

Finally when he gets home he has time for a quick meal, but then has to settle down until midnight to do all the admin and invoicing. Consequently he now seldom has any time for his family; he is behind on many aspects of the business, and his cash flow id starting to suffer.

Of course this is a very typical situation for many if not most business owners, and one which any of you reading this will easily recognise. In fact many will be experiencing this scenario right now, and no doubt wondering how can this ever get better?

However, it can and will improve, providing you address these issues, sooner rather than later. As a coach I can help business owners to analyse their situation, provide solutions, and then take you step by step to a place where once again you can enjoy your business, and have time to spend with your family.

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