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The Slippery Slope

23rd November 2017

Isn’t it so easy to let things slip? You set up a regime, get into a routine, follow all your systems closely for ages, and bit by bit you start to cut corners and let things slip, and before you know it, you’re right back where you started!

On a personal level, I have recently fallen into this trap with my weight. Two years ago I realised that I was starting to get decidedly ”porky”, and as a result wasn’t feeling on top form all the time, and got breathless playing sport. So I set myself a target to lose 1 stone over 3 months, which I did, and then for the next 18 months kept it around that level. However, I have noticed over the last couple of months I have started to let things drift a bit, and very slowly my weight has crept up 3-4 lbs. Fortunately I have people who hold me accountable to keeping to my BMI, and so I am determined to halt this trend, and will have things back on track by Christmas, with a view to losing a bit more in the New Year.

So you say, this is all pretty trivial, what has it to do with business? Well nothing directly, but recently I met with one of my clients who had not felt the need to see me for 6 months, and exactly the same sort of thing had happened to him. He had stopped maintaining his cash flows, stopped holding his sales teams to their targets, and allowed procedures and controls to slip. As a result his bottom line was starting to look a lot less healthy.

I am now back working with him on a regular monthly basis and we will soon have things back on track. We have put new measures in place, and got the whole team on board, so that everyone can help in growing the business and making it more profitable again.

The thing is, unless you are one of the unusual people who never need to be motivated or pushed; inherently we all tend to slip into our bad habits. So if you want to avoid this, why not speak to a coach?

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