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21st September 2017

This week I want to let people know about a workshop we are presenting on 5th October. We are holding this at the Weston Homes Community Stadium, from 7.15am to 9.00am, so as with most networking meetings it will be done and dusted before the day has started.

There will be 3 x 20 minute presentations, on how to grow, manage and protect your business. I will be speaking about the coaching process which I take business owners through. Explaining how to set goals, so you know where you are taking the business to and why, how to get a business structure in place to support your goals, and how to get control over time, team and money, so the business can work without the owner.

This will be followed by Steven Burton (Accountants) who will be explaining how clients can manage their financial and tax responsibilities. He will also explain how “real time” accounting is becoming more the norm, especially as it is only a matter of time before we will all have to do tax returns on a quarterly basis.

Finally Lee Parker of Coversure, will be going through how to protect your hard earned money, by keeping your business insured, in which, you may be surprised, there are many aspects to consider.

This is our 2nd workshop, and we already have attendees who have benefited hugely from the knowledge they gained.

We can therefore highly recommend coming along to this meeting, where we guarantee you will learn at least one gem of information.

Surely that’s worth getting up a little earlier for, and perhaps making the difference to your business and your life.

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