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Letting Go

No doubt I have written about this on many occasions before, but it is something which is an issue for ...
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Keep Learning

One of the things I often say to the prospects I go to see, is that I assume as business ...
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No Stone Unturned

One of my favourite cartoons, possibly in Punch magazine or some such publication was a picture of a whole load ...
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Clear Direction

What do you do when you have an employee who you believe is potentially a real asset to the business, ...
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Manage and Direct

While coaching one of my clients recently, I was reminded of the importance of managing your team, and not simply ...
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New Year Goals

So the year begins with renewed hope and vigour, lots of changes and perhaps challenges face us in the coming ...
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Sales Team Focus

I recently was asked by one of my clients to take part in one of their team sales meetings, as ...
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Opportunity Knocks

This year has been particularly interesting for a number of reasons. Obviously from the larger picture the effect of Brexit ...
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If Only….

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you have just learned that because you didn’t do a task ...
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