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Raising Prices

When did you last raise your prices? Most of the businesses I start coaching haven’t done so for some time, ...
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Which Way Now?

What a good week to be away. The aftermath of Brexit apparently causing discontent and ill-feeling almost everywhere, and to ...
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Does Size Matter?

Recently I seem to have come across several clients with similar issues with regards to their sales. Two companies have ...
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The Fear Factor

The other day one of my clients said something to me, which surprised, but also pleased me. It was something ...
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To Stay or Go

Having an opinion is an important thing. Being allowed to have an opinion is perhaps even more so. Your opinion ...
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Missing in Action?

We had some Australian friends visiting us over the weekend. They have been liaising with us for quite a while ...
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The 3 scariest things which business owners must face.

When business owners start up a business, more often than not they have never really considered all the things they ...
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The Power of Testimonials

One of the things I encourage my clients to do is to always ask for testimonials. Most people acknowledge that ...
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A Wealth of Experience

What do you consider most important when you are hiring new staff? To some extent it will depend on the ...
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