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Where to Start

You know that feeling when everything is getting on top of you, with so much to do, and not enough ...
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Keeping Score

I remember someone once saying “if you don’t keep track of the score, what is the point in playing the ...
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Take Action

Something happened this week which reminded me how much can be achieved in a relatively short time if it is ...
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Plan B

Last week I wrote about not feeling guilty as a business owner, when you take time off work. By chance ...
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Time to relax

Are you one of those business owners who is afraid to take time off in case your team think you ...
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A robust structure

Something I haven’t blogged about for some time is business structure, and the value it has in so many ways ...
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Beware of Complacency

Complacency can be a major problem for any business, and I see it creep into many of my clients, in ...
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Pain in the Neck

I have recently been going to a chiropractor as I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pains. The person ...
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Stand Apart From The Crowd

I spent a very constructive and interesting afternoon last week with one of my clients talking about why people should ...
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