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As generalists, who have worked with businesses as far ranging as arboriculturists to garages and transport companies, there are very few topics or issues we haven’t encountered, and the training we provide is applicable to all.

Our greatest strength is that, although we a may not have a detailed technical knowledge of your business, we do have the systems and processes appropriate to make your business thrive.  Essentially what makes a business work is commonplace, so be it time management, monetary controls, team issues, sales, systems, marketing or operations, we can help.

Although we would normally provide training to business owners, we can also train teams in many business skills.

We offer team training in the following areas:

We also offer customised training to suit your requirements.

Six years down the line and we were in the doldrums with our business. What had started as a retirement project had grown rather haphazardly and had become a bit of a millstone. We were not coping and needed advice! Chris Crace, with his sunny disposition and enthusiasm, was able to re-motivate us. He encouraged us to think more seriously about growing the business, and about the financial implications of expansion. With Chris’ help we have recruited a new assistant, so our own time is freed up to plan and manage. We are no longer bogged down with day to day tasks. As well as helping us focus on our roles and responsibilities at work and those of our team, he helped us think about what we wanted outside work. So we have been able to adjust our work/life balance.
We have yet to complete all the tasks on his follow up report (it wasn’t all easy!), but we do feel confident that Chris has shown us a way forward, and we know we can call on him should we have any problems…
Christine Farmer, Farmers Ales.
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