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1st September 2016

What a great couple of weeks we have just had. The best ever haul of medals at the Olympics, some pretty good weather on the whole, and lots of good economic news – unemployment levels the lowest ever, retail sales well up on forecast, and the FTSE performing close to 7000.

Good news on good news is likely to create further good things, so let’s hope people start to ride the wave of optimism and build on that. It was fascinating to see how well our athletes were performing, and in so many different disciplines. In fact although we came second overall, I think we got gold medals in far more different sports than the Americans did. This was because of the feel good surge that was going round the Team GB camp. It is amazing how uplifting success can be for others around you, and their determination to match other people’s achievements, make them strive even harder for a medal.

Being part of a team is a great feeling, and building a united and efficient team in your business is just as important as any other aspect you work on. Getting the right people with the right attitude, doing things the way you would do them, is a huge skill. It is all about setting goals, creating a positive culture where you all work together for the collective benefit of the team, being fair and consistent in both praise and criticism, and rewarding your team appropriately.

So congratulations to the Olympians, be they medal winners, or not. They all had a huge role to play in the overall achievement of the team.

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