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11th July 2017

Do you ever feel that your team are ignoring you, or not listening to you? Time and again you tell people what to do, or what to expect of them, and they continually seem to get things wrong. So what can you do to change their behaviour?

Here are 5 suggestions of some actions you can take.

1. Write down your organisational structure, with clear roles and responsibilities to clarify exactly what you expect of each of your employees, and who they are answerable to.

2. Get clear systems written for each of the tasks which they are responsible for, make sure they understand them, check they know how to follow them, and then make sure they adhere to them.

3. Hold your team accountable for their actions. If they continually fail to do what they have been asked to do, or do things in the wrong way, explain there will be consequences, and take them through the disciplinary procedure.

4. Write down instructions, or perhaps better still, get your staff to write things down. Most people communicate visually, so they need to be able to read not just hear what they should be doing.

5. Stop team members from getting involved in tasks which are not their responsibility. This should give them more time to concentrate on what they are responsible for, and get it right first time.

By implementing these steps you will quickly see a change in your team’s behaviour, overall an improvement in their productivity levels, and a reduction in mistakes and problems.

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