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We don’t let you off the hook. Your success is paramount to us, so we are determined to make sure you keep doing the things you have been trained and taught to do, thereby ensuring that you get positive and tangible outcomes.

Things don’t change overnight, even with the ideas and training we provide you with. It is all too easy to slip back into old, bad habits. So we hold you accountable to the things you say you are going to do, and we keep on pushing until you do them.

We help you to understand that to spend time working on the key issues to change the way the business works, is fundamental to the smooth running of the business.

Above all we help you to get the best out of your business, and the best out of yourself. We help you to change and develop yourself, by understanding your “why”, and then doing everything you possibly can to make your business support your life-style.

This is the true essence of business coaching, and is built through a long-term, trusting relationship.

When I first met Chris, I knew I was in need of a change, but wasn’t quite sure of the direction, or how to get started. I felt I needed greater control over my finances, but perhaps more importantly, to make sure that I had a strong team, all pulling in the same direction.

Although my business was generally working quite well, Chris opened my eyes into new ways of looking at it, and gave me new ideas about controls, which would help to improve things.

Probably the biggest achievement I have made so far is to write out an organizational structure, which has really helped in clarifying roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

I would recommend Chris to anybody, even if they think they don’t have the time, as he can help you find time through his methods and persistent support.

Lawrence Motts
Company Director
Motts Body Repair Ltd
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