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28th July 2016

I have just been lucky enough to have a week’s holiday in Spain with all my family. My oldest daughter now has a job and is living away from home, my son is at university so we don’t see much of him, and my youngest daughter is the only one who still lives at home on a permanent basis. In other words last week was a very valuable time for me, to be able to spend quality time with my wife and my children.

I work with many different businesses, and it is alarming how many of them are not able to go away on holiday with their family when I first start with them. Sometimes only one or other of the parents can take the children, and quite often they simply don’t take the time off at all. In the end it is so important to remember what matters most in life. If you are completely tied to the business, and can’t get away, is this really worth it?

Of course when you first start a business it requires a huge amount of work and dedication, but in the end you must have a clear goal in mind, and with a clear timescale.

If not you may find yourself constantly striving for an outcome which is simply unattainable if you keep on doing the same things time and time again.

Remember when you started your business you had a clear vision of what you were going to achieve, what your life-style would be like, and how it was going to make you happy. But also remember that most of the happiness was going to be derived from the things you like doing in your leisure time, and the people you like to spend time with. In other words keep focussing on the things that really matter, and drive the business to provide the money you need, to make them happen. If you are not sure how to do that yourself, then you probably need a coach to help you. Some take longer than others, but I make sure all my clients take a holiday, because otherwise what is the point?

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