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Olympic Fever

16th August 2016

I love the Olympic Games. It wasn’t always the case as for many years through my childhood Russia or America or even a bloc of countries would boycott them, or people were constantly cheating, and looking for ways to bend the rules to their advantage. In fact it hardly ever seemed to be a level playing field, and “the best” quite often were not “the best”, or at least not legitimately. Yes, there are still cheats, and of course once again Russia is barely represented in the games (for very good reasons) but on the whole there are more and more countries competing in a huge variety of sports, and whilst no doubt the USA will top the medal table, there will be many more smaller countries winning something, even if only a bronze medal, in one discipline or another.

The great thing is the stories that go with their magnificent achievements. The adversities they have had to overcome, and the mountains (sometimes literally) they have had to climb to reach the top of their sport.

Nothing is easy in life, and often the harder you have to work for something the more satisfying it is when you get there. You can tell by the huge outpourings of emotion that some athletes show when they finally win the gold medal.

Setting up your own business is also a huge challenge. Everyone gets things wrong, wastes money, employs the wrong people, and faces setbacks time and time again. The winners are the ones who don’t give up the first, the second, or even the ninetieth time they have to sort out yet another problem. They are the ones who bounce back up again, put it down to experience and swear to do better next time. All the athletes have coaching to help them when they need a boost, and extra pair of eyes to spot what they are doing wrong, or just give the a friendly bit of encouragement. As a business owner, perhaps a coach could do just that for you!

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