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1st November 2016

This year has been particularly interesting for a number of reasons. Obviously from the larger picture the effect of Brexit on my clients and the UK as a whole has been and will continue to be a challenge, but from the more parochial point of view, a number of my clients seem to have reached a watershed.

On the plus side, the point of my coaching is to help business owners to create a business which can work without them, and we have now achieved that with several clients during the year. However, on the down side, although we always start with goal setting, I think that on the whole they are all a little surprised that they have reached this stage, and are now wondering what to do next.

For some this can be almost as “risky” a point as when they first started out, because suddenly they are left with a feeling of redundancy, and there is a real chance that some will sub-consciously start to self-sabotage their business, so they are needed again, and can find a new challenge. For others, however, the challenge is to start up the next enterprise, and find new ventures into which they can invest time and money.

As a coach, I am really excited by the new opportunities this brings, as for my clients and for myself we are starting on new ground, often going into situations and facing decisions which we haven’t experienced before. In the past year fear of the unknown and fear of failure may have stopped me or my clients from talking these new paths, but now I know that only by pushing ourselves to new challenges, that we can reach still greater heights.

So have you reached your full potential yet? Does your business work without you? Do you feel a bit stale and need new challenges? A coach can help you with all these things, and I know my clients are reinvigorated by the unknown issues which lie ahead.

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