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New Challenges

29th September 2016

It seems to have been a bit of a trend recently with a number of my customers, that being that they are looking to branch out and find new challenges, this is partly because we have coached them to a stage whereby the business is more or less working without their input, and partly because the sort of business owners I work with are naturally entrepreneurs and they get bored with the everyday running of a business.

When I first start working with my clients, I always explain that the point of any input is to help them to create a business that can work without them. The idea is that this then allows them to free up their time, and creates flexibility and freedom of choice. Once we near or reach this stage the entrepreneurs that I work with are then wondering what to do next and how best to keep busy. In fact for many it is this feeling of no longer being “needed” which drives them to invest in new ideas and challenges.

This has helped to create quite an interesting situation for me also. Because I work with businesses ranging from start ups to those which have been going 15 or 20 years (or more sometimes), I have some clients looking for investment, and others who now have spare cash to potentially invest. Being in the middle allows me to be the go-between, identifying opportunities and effecting introductions. Whilst I am still maintaining my coaching role, it means that I too have new challenges, in what I suppose is a natural progression for my business.

So if you are a start up business, or are one in its early development, or indeed a business owner who has lost their direction or drive, then perhaps you need a coach who can help you get what you want, and allow you to achieve the wealth you require to reach your life goals.

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