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27th July 2017

Sometimes when I have been working with a client for a while, they start to feel almost too over-confident in their situation and complacency can creep in. They are no longer worrying about cash flow, or where the next piece of business is coming from, and essentially they relax into a new comfortable place, having worked, and been pushed, hard to get to this situation. The trouble is that if this is still not their end goal it can be very hard to stir them to move to the next level.

Essentially people in this situation have had to do and learn all sorts of new disciplines, and have therefore found themselves out of their comfort zone for a good amount of time while they have been changing things. This can be extremely tiring both mentally and physically, so when they reach a level of relative “success” and calm, it is often very tempting to stay there. It is my job as a coach to help them not to get too comfortable at that stage, as invariably this is not yet a position which will allow them to have the lifestyle and the money they are after to achieve the goals they originally set down.

So how can this be done:
1. Remind them how they felt when things were tight on the cash flow front; get them to put themselves back in that position of stress.
2. Keep dangling “the dream” in front of them so they can see the life that they are striving to achieve.
3. Emphasise the positives of their business, and again remind them of the excitement of landing great new deals or contracts.

Of course there is only so much a coach can do, and in the end it is the business owner alone who decides if he or she really wants the life they envisaged at the outset.

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