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9th August 2016

Having been a business coach for the best part of 14 years now, it is safe to say that whilst I have encountered a wide range of businesses, there are still many different market sectors I haven’t yet worked with. The thing is, however, that whichever new client I next start to work with, I am prepared to bet that the issues and challenges will at some level be exactly the same as all the rest.

The reason I bring this up, is because recently there have been a few problems with the cricket club of which I am chairman: As I looked more in depth as to what is and is not happening, it suddenly became clear that once again I am finding exactly the same things which need to be sorted out in this organisation as are in businesses being run for profit.

The first problem is that one person is trying to do everything because there is no clear demarcation of who is responsible for what. Understandably ultimately he got fed up with that and resigned his post. It is now clear that there are no roles or responsibilities, and no-one (apart from the ex-captain) really knows what needs to be done each week, or how, and as a result we are in a bit of a muddle. But, nothing which shouldn’t be fairly straight forward to address.

So as with the businesses I work with we will need to allocate roles and responsibilities, set up tasks and systems, and get a proper database of the membership in place, and with any luck we should soon have things back under control, and then we can concentrate on the important aspects of having fun and winning.

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