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20th October 2016

What does it take for people to face up to the situation they are in and then do something about it?
I often talk about the need for having both clarity of what you want out of life combined with enough discomfort to actually make people change, but it never ceases to amaze me how long they are prepared to sit doing nothing about it, almost until it is too late.

I recently met with a couple of business owners who moaned about the fact that they were losing customers, and the competition was increasingly fierce. Bit by bit their turnover was decreasing, and they were in a place where they owed quite a lot, and were soon not going to be able to pay themselves on a monthly basis. Worse that that they had no other streams of income and the thought of giving up what they were doing, and working for someone else was terrifying for them. In other words, you would think that they would want to take considerable action to change their predicament. But apparently not!

Apparently they were prepared to continue along the route of certain disaster. Keep on doing what they have already proved to themselves is not working, and presumably wait for a miracle to happen, whereby everything will suddenly be OK again.

Surprisingly enough, although I am sure once in a blue moon things do work out for businesses such as this, invariably the miracle does not happen, and of course the inevitable outcome takes its course. So if you are in a situation like this where everything is on a downhill path, but you don’t know where to start to put you on the road to recovery, then why not get in touch with a coach to help you relieve the pain and start to make things better again.

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